IT Support

PC, Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, MacBook Pro, IT Support, Troubleshooting

ComputerHelpSOS can help you with your pc, laptop, desktop, tablet and MacBook Pro issues.

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Protect your pc / laptop from viruses, malware AND Ransomware, unauthorized microphone or video camera usage.

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Email Troubleshooting & Setup

Do you need help to configure your exchange online account or to configure your Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird or Google WorkSpace account?

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Wireless - Wifi

Having problems with your access point, wireless router or wireless mesh? ComputerHelpSOS can help you.

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Data Recovery

Do you need help with data retrieval for your desktop or laptop?

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Community Services Website Management

Do you need somebody to manage your community website or manage invoicing by property groups? ComputerHelpSOS can help.

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Employee / Senior Surveyance with Software

Do you need to keep an eye a certain employee? Do you need to monitor a senior? ComputerHelpSOS can install monitoring software on their laptop, desktop or MacBook.

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Hard Drive or Solid State Upgrade

Do you need a bigger hard drive or solid state drive?

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Networking Issues

Having problems with your network cables, switches and hubs? ComputerhelpSOS is here to help.

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Newsletters Setup and Management

Need somebody to setup your newsletter? ComputerHelpSOS can help.

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Printer & Scanner Setup & Connectivity Issues

If you are having a printer or scanner with connectivity issues, ComputerHelpSOS can help.

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Word Press Website Administration and Plugin Configuration

Word Press Website Administration and Plugin Configuration

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Backup - BackBlaze

BackBlaze Perpetual Backup Solution

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