Email Issues Support

Email Issues Support

ComputerHelpSOS can help you with troubleshooting email issues: Exchange email issues, Outlook email issues, Google Work group email issues, or general Email issues. Thunderbird email issues are also supported. ComputerHelpSOS can also help with Spam email issues.

How many Email can you send with Gmail?

Google says you can send out 500 emails a day from a Gmail email account. Sending more will bring you email issues. If you use workgroup by Google you can send out 1000 emails per day.

Your Email goes into Junk Email a lot

If your email goes into junk mail of recipients a lot, ComputerHelpSOS can help if you have your own domain name by checking the your SPF, DKIM and DMARC.


For example we process a newsletter for a customer every month several times with SendGrid. It is a closed list of 900 email addresses. Email reputation is 100 percent with SendGrid. Once every I would say 9 months, somebody from for example AOL or yahoo or Verizon clicks “this is spam” button on the send from email address. This then has the consequence that Verizon reacts right away and refuses the delivery of let’s say 140 Verizon Email Recipients. This is all automated. The only way out is to change the from email address. This is why you should not use your own domain name, but a derivative of it. For example your domain is, then you should send out your emails from a domain called The domain name should be at least registered for one year. There are a lot of tips and tricks to live in the email newsletter world.

Email API

Both SendGrid and MailChimp have an API, what stands for application program interface. That means you can send database driven email actions to SendGrid or MailChimp. Both email service providers also provide a web interface to do this manually.

When you send out emails you have to follow the spam laws. You not only will get email issues when you ignore them, you will also get blacklisted, what means your email address will not reach email recipients any more. This is why you should follow the anti spam laws and have an unsubscribe link at the bottom. Furthermore you should not use a domain name or email address you cannot live without.

Email Sending Platforms

One of the best ways to send out mass emails is with SendGrid. It is efficient and only costs about $20 to send out 10000 Emails per monthsMailChimp is very easy to setup, but much more expensive in comparison to SendGrid. There are a lot of email sending services. But what matters is the precision of the email sending, how many people receive it and click on it and how easy it is to manage all of this.

Sendgrid Newletter Statistics
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