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  • Sandra Kolb AvatarSandra Kolb

    Great Job I have used Andy Barth as my technical support person for years. As usual, Andy Barth did
    a great job. He responded immediately to my email requesting his help and recommended
    the type of processor and amount of RAM to look for in a new computer. Once I had ident… - 11/03/2021 

    Marc Felman AvatarMarc Felman

    Fantastic Fantastic! You want someone you can trust with the private data on your drives and Andy
    is absolutely that. And he is highly competent. He got right the first time and recovered
    drives taken by malicious actors on the Internet. he also gave me the great advice to use … - 7/09/2021 

    Pete Salinger AvatarPete Salinger

    Extremely Knowledgeable Andy is extremely knowledgeable, clear, and helpful. I recommend him to all my PC
    friends!! - 7/09/2021 

    Pete Salinger AvatarPete Salinger

    Perfect working order As usual, Andy was able to clean my computer of its many bugs and restore everything to perfect working order. - 7/09/2021 

    Joel AvatarJoel

    Computer God Andy is a computer God..... LOL - 7/09/2021 

  • Justin AvatarJustin

    Top Notch Top Notch as usual - 7/09/2021 

    Douglas AvatarDouglas

    Service par excellence! Service par excellence!! Five star service! An excellent value! - 7/09/2021 

    Evelyn AvatarEvelyn -
    Director of Marketing, AllAmericanJetting

    Great Computer Guy If you are looking for a Great Computer Guy, Andy is your Guy! Thank you for Helping us in
    the computer world and helping us get things running again. We all love him here and I'm
    sure you will too!! All American team - 2/24/2021 

    Jonathan AvatarJonathan

    Highly Recommend Andy Barth is a very dedicated professional. He identified my Verizon modem and router as
    the source of my problem and even followed up with a text to ensure Verizon had agreed to
    supply me with new equipment. I highly recommend him. - 7/22/2020 

    Mark Gilbert AvatarMark Gilbert

    Great Help Great help I will recommend this company to all my friends - 3/03/2020