Data Recovery

ComputerHelpSOS recovers the data from your hard drive, solid state drive, floppy disk, etc. Some drives do not work anymore due to a drop on the floor or a spilled liquid. There is a high probability that ComputerHelpSOS can recover your data.


  1. You send us the hard drive with the free provided ups label.
  2. There is a non refundable management fee of $100 for ComputerHelpSOS.
  3. Two to three days later you will get a list of folders, files and GBs which can be restored and how long it will take to restore the data.
  4. You will also get a quote, how much it will cost to restore the data to a usb drive / or stick. Normally a quote is around $1500.
  5. Once you agree to the data restoration cost estimate, you will have to pay for the quoted price.
  6. It will take between a couple of days to about three weeks to recover the data.
  7. You will receive a portable usb drive with your data on it.

If you do not accept the quote we will send the hard drive back to you.

Questions, please call (703) 869 – 1850.