T Mobile Home Internet for $50 Review. Sometimes miracles happen and T Mobile Home Internet is one of them. What makes it so great is that it only costs $50, all taxes and fees included and works great. I canceled my Xfinity Comcast internet service and save $60 a month without any compromises regarding the internet speed. We have five devices hooked up to it including 2 streaming Smart TVs. The setup took only 2 minutes with the T mobile Internet App. You place the cone in the vicinity of a window. It connects wireless to the internet. The connection indicator shows you how good you are connected, in our case it has a good connection. I can highly recommend it, because it is as fast as Comcast and costs only $50 with all fees included. Cons are it does not have a WPS button, so one has to put in the password of the SSID (how you call your internet or how it is provided by T mobile). Not a big deal. If you have devices which require a WPS hookup, then you have to plugin for example a little Netgear router in the back. Enjoy!

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