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Do you offer free tech support on the chat?

The chat tech support is there to derive at a quotation price and to offer paid tech support.

I have windows 7 and I can not rename files, and the screen flickers

Hi tom, looks like virus and spyware removal with tune up to me. $134

i want to have my emails from my home forwaded to my droid..problem my domaine is templefs and the email is cox has gthe server but because i dont have a email ending in they said they cant help me ! :((( i need to get the emails forwarded to me so that i dont hve to run home every time i get and email ( self employed) i have three that all are synched through outlook ( old version) and are running through the pop 3 ??? help i have a gmail account for the droid if that helps :) call me at 757-567-6700

The solution to your problem would cost $35. If you are interested please respond to

Is your tech support for free?

Like any service business we charge for our services. So the answer is no, our tech support service is not for free

My desktop computer will not power on. I changed the power cord from it to another (older)computer and it works. Friends sugguested that the battery might be dead. And they said to just leave it plugged up and it would come back on. I did that for two days and nothing happened. The LED light on the back of the tower comes on but the power button doesn't light up at all. Do I need to take it to the shop? Or is there something else I can do? Also what would fixing this problem cost?

Hi Brenda, you have to replace the power supply. The power supply should cost (for example $40. Labor to install it 30 to 45 minutes.

Do you offer monthly or yearly subscription plans?

We charge per computer problem or $79 per hour or per estimate.

What is the charge difference between onsite and online remote computer tech support?

Basically you would save between 70 and 30 percent for applying online remote computer tech support. Onsite computer tech support is great if you for security reasons keep an eye on everything and watch over the technician. Onsite tech support is charged by the hour of $79 per hour. Online tech support is charged by estimate so for example virus and spyware removal costs $99 but takes about 5 hours. Doing this online would save you at least $300. If the data on the PC is crucial and top secure, then onsite virus and spyware removal is recommended. For example for a company. This would cost 5 x $79 about $400. But for the price the technician can remove spyware and viruses from 2 additional PCs at the same time. So it is a matter of "how secure you want to be and at what price".

Dear Sir, I am beginner to programming. And i have developed a windows application(visual studio 2008), with sql server 2005 But i dont know how to deploy my application with sql, so that i can install my app in any system. Sir, I have heard that your website is trusted and very informative. Please help us. We are in great need. regards,

If you would like to have the database within the application then you use sql compact edition (which has an sdf extension). You should get the 3 months trial of VS2010. If you would like to connect externally over port 1433 with linq then your sql 2005 server has to be on a internet server so that the applications can access it. If you want to make it more complicated you can encrypt communication between the client and the database server with the Microsoft Communications Foundation. Again get the three months trial of Visual Studio 2010 and go through the examples. But for applications with an internal database the sql compact edition (vs 2010) is the best, very slim and very fast.

What is better a complete reinstall or virus and spyware removal?

49 out of 50 work great after the virus and spyware removal with tune-up. Two percent of all computers have issues after the virus and spyware removal with tune-up. ComputerHelpSOS does not know up front if a computer will have issues after the virus and spyware removal with tune-up; one only knows that afterwards. The reward might be that one does not have to do anything because the computer is as good as new after the spyware and virus removal with tuneup. The risk definitely is that one has to spend $129 on a computer and the favorite program does not install or work any more and that one has to redo the whole computer, but there is an only two percent chance that this happens.

What if third party software applications do not work any more after the spyware and virus removal and the tune-up?

Spyware and Virus removal with Tune-up, guarantees that there are no more viruses and spyware on the computer. The tune-up makes sure that the computer is repaired as good as it can be. If there are any viruses and spyware left on the computer then this is the responsibility of ComputerHelpSOS. If applications do not work anymore afterwards or cannot be installed, then this is the risk the customer has to shoulder. ComputerHelpSOS is not responsible for third party applications which do not run afterwards. The reason is that your computer might have had some pretty bad infections like a root kit, or the combination of viruses. The computer tune-up makes the computer "as good as it can be". If there is for example an old installation still in the registry of a database installation for example "msde" then this is the risk and responsibility of the customer.

Why should I go with a US based computer service company?

Because US law applies.

What can I do if I cannot install programs in Normal Mode and Save Mode any more and task manager, regedit and the run command are blocked?

This is a situation where remote virus and spyware removal is not possible, you have to bring it to a local computer repair store. You should back up all personal data. There is a high probability that the operating system has to be reinstalled.

Can I still do virus and spyware removal if my computer cannot boot in safe mode and normal mode any more?

No, you have to bring your computer to a local computer store to retrieve your personal data files and to reinstall the operating system.

I have a linksys wireless router that is hooked up into a t1 modem. I need to know how to access the network on the modem if I am hooked up to the wireless router. I can't seem to be able to see the network drives for the computers that are hard wired into the network.

most people use a Microsoft VPN to see the network drives on the Microsoft Domain or they use Microsoft Terminal Services.

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