Small Business Outlook Issues

Small Business Outlook Issues

Often the Microsoft Outlook app is connected to a Microsoft Exchange server with its own domain name.

Small Business Outlook Issues happen maybe once every two years. For example, suddenly items are stuck in the outbox and are not sent out or Microsoft Outlook cannot receive any more emails, folders cannot be renamed any more and on and on.

Small Business Outlook Issues

Repairing outlook is a process, what means sometimes repairing the ost file works, other times one has to reload the content from the exchange server again into a new fresh ost file. Other times one has to repair the office installation. Sometimes it is the anti virus program or the malware program which corrupts the outlook file. This has to be evaluated on a case by case basis. Checking if the device has malware or spyware is a must.

Outlook connectivity issues

Second one checks the network settings.

After that one tries to repair the ost file and checks if that resolves the outlook issues. If that does not help one redownloads the whole email folder from Microsoft Exchange and checks if that helps the outlook issues. This is followed by checking to send and receive emails. We pride ourselves to fix outlook issues pretty quick – 20 minutes to several hours and not weeks of emailing tech support back and forth.

Outlook Issues

Outlook Header

Outlook Issues with Synchronization

A lot of times there are outlook issues with synchronization due to a corrupted ost file, or when the wrong network protocol is selected.

Outlook Issues with Profile Creation

An outlook profile is a collection of connected mailboxes. This can be imap, smtp, or exchange.

Fixing Outlook Issues with the Inbox Repair Tool

The inbox repair tool lives in the installation folder under program files.

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