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Do you need help with your PC, Surface or Laptop?
ComputerHelpSOS has decades of experience with the Microsoft Windows operating system. We can provide support with upgrading your windows operating system or making it faster. Of course we can help you with troubleshooting windows too, or maybe making your operating system 8 times faster by cloning your hard drive and installing instead a solid state drive. SSD’s have no moving parts and consist of pure memory. They cost around $100 and Samsung EVO is considered the best one. SSDs are supposed to last for 30 years. We can make a backup image of your Microsoft surface or provide you with a perpetual backup solution for your windows operating system. What does perpetual mean? Every file gets backed up whenever it changes, so that means if you change a document 20 times, you will have 20 different versions of that document on your backup. Reviews»

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