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Data backup - Continous perpetual encrypted data backup

Do you need a backup solution for your family or business?
Should it show you all the different backup times of a file or document?
Should be be encrypted and offsite in the United States?
ComputerHelpSOS uses and we are happy to set it up for you (Of course you can set it up yourself). CrashPlan provides a free trial for 30 days for one computer. The setup costs are $20 for the first computer and $15 for any computer there after. Setup costs do not include the monthly recurring cost of crashplan, which are $5 for a single computer and $12.50 for up to 10 computers.
The beauty of a perpetual backup is that any changed file is backed up again automatically. This means if you edit a word file 20 times, you will have 20 backup copies of that file. ComputerHelpSOS has used CrashPlan for five years so far. It is very reliable and once you have set it up it performs its tasks automatically. Reviews»

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