Security Package Laptop user with security shield

Top of the line Security for one PC or Laptop and military grade encrypted continuous Cloud Backup

Best of class Antivirus, Internet Security for one Year & Continuous Backup for one Year for one PC or Laptop
Cost first computer $139.95: Antivirus Software Subscription and Backup Subscription for one year: $79.95 for the first computer and a one time only charge of $50 for installation and configuration
Cost additional computer $90: Antivirus Software Subscription and Backup Subscription for one year: $50 for any additional computer and a one time only charge of $40 for installation and configuration
What do you get?   Your PC gets a continous military grade encrypted backup for one year and a best of class Antivirus / Internet protection for one year. ComputerHelpSOS installs the continous backup and the anti virus programs remotely.
How long will it take to install and configure?   It will take ComputerHelpSOS about 40 minutes to install and configure the software packages. ComputerHelpSOS BBB Business Review
What are the software brand names ComputerHelpSOS uses? Since we put in considerable effort in finding and testing the best software, we will only disclose the brand names after you paid.
Can I try the products and services ComputerHelpSOS installs? Yes you can. You can get a trial of the software packages installed. Nevertheless ComputerHelpSOS charges $79.95 for the installation of the trial licenses. This is for the labor only.
Did you know? That backing up to a constantly connected drive, usb drive or network storage will not protect you from a virus which may encrypt all files.
Did you know (continued)? Did you know that file less viruses exist? The virus gets pushed into your computer's memory, pure code through the webbrowser or by opening a file in an email attachment. Since the virus is a polymorphic worm virus, it changes its code every second and anti virus programs would have a tough time to identify the virus if it were not to artificial intelligence in the cloud and something called a honey pot. A honey pot is a server on the internet which traps new viruses, which then get analyzed by artificial intelligence and of course human beings. Confused? Well what you have to remember is there are viruses which do not live on your hard drive and two they can change every second.
Did you know (continued)? Did you know that there is anti virus software for your protection, which protects all your computers in a company and if one computer had a bad experience, the other computers in the company already are protected from that bad experience, for example somebody opens an excel spreadsheet and then enables editing which then runs a macro on the computer, which then infects everything on the computer and of course tries to infect the other computers on the network.
Deals Add virus and spyware removal for an additional $29.95
Requirements Device has to be connected to the internet.
Optional Pc-TuneUp $29.95 Included in the package is also a , a $64 value to fix damaged registry entries, check hard disk to fix unallocated clusters after hard reboots, update java, reset web browsers and all windows updates.
Optional create new profile and copy old data $79 create new profile and copy all documents, music,videos and pictures over from the old profile to the new profile.
Optional data recovery $100 recover files which have disappeared or got deleted or erased or formatted or encrypted


What differentiates us from the competition?
We are located in the United States
Every agent lives and works in the United States
Every agent is background checked
Every agent has at least ten years experience with computers
You learn how to remove viruses and spyware yourself (learning by observing and we explain the process to you, if you want us to)
We strive to provide excellent service and respect your privacy.

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