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Business Tech Support Pricing

1. Per Estimate
You will get a binding estimate to fix the computer problem. We log on remotely, you prepay and we fix the problem at hand.

2. Per hour $79

We log onto your computer remotely and fix your computer problem at $70 per hour. Prepay required.Every technicain had a background check. The technician lives and works in the United States.

3. Business Tech Support - Onsite: $100 per onsite hour, but first hour is charged at $150 per hour

We come to your house or office in VA, MD, DC. The first hour will cost $150, $100 per additional hour thereafter.

Business Tech Support Pricing for Remote Support

Prepaid Per hour Total Minimum charge per incident
1 hour $ 79 $ 79 20 min
5 hours $ 69 $ 345 20 min
10 hours $ 59 $ 590 20 min

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